Women's Midlayers

A vital element of any layered outfit, our women’s midlayers and fleece jackets ...

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100% Organic Cotton

Ethical Midlayers for Women

A midlayer goes in between your base layer and your waterproof jacket. They are breathable and help to provide you with warmth and insulation. You can wear our fleeces as a midlayer, they come in a range of thicknesses, making them a great option for the changing seasons. Ethical midlayers for women are the perfect addition to the layering system without adding too much weight to your outfit. The layering system is a way of pairing garments together to guarantee your comfort when taking part in outdoor pursuits.

Our sustainable women's midlayers come in a huge variety of options. Our Bhutan pullover is an ecological, premium midlayer, available in a selection of eye-catching colours.

Warm and cosy midlayers

Not only are our women’s ethical midlayer jackets and pullovers extremely comfortable and warm, they are also all quick-drying, breathable and lightweight. Wearing our pullovers and midlayers during the colder months is a sure way of keeping warm. Many of our women's midlayer and fleece options come with two handwarming pockets to carry essentials, as well as beautiful designs that just breathe the Himalayas.

If you are looking for a cosy pullover, check out our Gita pullover. Its beautiful pattern is inspired by woven textiles made in Nepal, which is exclusive to us.

Ethical Fabrics

Many of our women's jackets, midlayers, fleeces, and pullovers are ethically sourced, with our Bhutan and Uddeysa women's midlayer options being made out of quality recycled polyester. This provides a new lease of life for a quality, durable fabric that would otherwise be wastefully discarded in landfills or the sea, creating a cycle of sustainability and rebirth. Our recycled polyester gives you all the benefits of polyester with none of the environmental costs, so you always have a reliable, insulating material for hikes, cycling and other outdoor pursuits when the temperature drops. 

Sherpa Adventure Gear prides itself on moving towards a fully sustainable and eco-friendly range approach when creating our garments. Many of our adventure gear is made from either hemp, merino wool, Tencel, and Modal or recycled material. Increasing this range is an integral part of our pursuit of sustainable adventure gear that supports you and the planet.

Midlayer Benefit

When it comes to hiking and cycling in a cold climate, you need to ensure you keep warm and protected from the elements by wearing quality layers. At Sherpa, when it comes to our range of midlayers, we ensure there is a whole range of benefits that serve you well in your outdoor pursuits. We use recycled and natural fabrics to bring into balance with nature, not opposition, with a focus on high breathability and moisture-wicking to keep you at temperature optimum as you layer up for the cold and set off for the next adventure in your life.

Our midlayer clothing is:

  • Super soft
  • Lightweight
  • Insulating
  • Versatile

Have these benefits and more when you shop midlayers at Sherpa Adventure Gear.

The Sherpa Mission

We are on a mission to not only provide sustainability and protect environmental wonders we all love to explore with our recycled and organic clothing, but we also help improve education for children in Nepal. This is where you come in. Every time you buy an item of clothing from Sherpa Adventure Gear, you are helping us help the children of Nepal. Your purchase helps fund teacher training, learning materials and resources, as well as building libraries, classrooms, and more. This is all thanks to you wearing your Sherpa Adventure Gear while conquering those mountains and hikes.