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Creating jobs for women in Nepal

Creating Jobs in Nepal

Making products in Nepal means the world to our communities. By bringing meaningful employment and income to so many, we’re able to make a real difference in their lives. As we grow, so will our employees. In this way, we’re able to fulfill our belief that small brands can change the world.


In the ancient city of Kirtipur, Sherpa’s hand-knitters create our beautiful sweaters, each one taking close to eight days from start to finish. The unique designs capture the timeless traditions and textures of the Himalayas. They also bring vital income to families here. A beautiful way to make a difference.


knitters employed for fall 2015
sweater production

8 days

to knit one sweater

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Knitters Employed for Fall
2015 Hat production


days of work


Every workday, after sending the kids off to school, groups of skilled women knitters gather in small coops to fashion our famous Sherpa hats. Each hat takes at least 6 hours to craft, using the finest materials and Himalayan-inspired designs. It warms your heart — as well as your head — to see the opportunities they create.

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