Jumla is a town in Nepal, on the banks of the River Tila. At over 8,000 feet, it is one of the highest elevation rice growing regions in the world, producing a sought after red rice. Our Jumla hats are handcrafted in Nepal and made of naturally warm and durable lambswool. Lined with soft, moisture wicking Polarfleece, these hats give an itch-free comfort and an essential extra layer from the cold.

Product code KH208-602-1SZ


  • Handcrafted in women’s co-ops in Kathmandu and nearby villages


Fabric Technology

Made in Nepal

Fabric Sustainability

Handcrafted, Lambswool, Made in Nepal


Jumla Hat Wisteria 1SZ

4.5/ 5.0

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Color Wisteria  

Size 1SZ  

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