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How to create a Sustainable Wardrobe

How to create a Sustainable Wardrobe

Are you looking for tips on how to be more sustainable? In a world where we need to be more eco-friendly than ever, we must acknowledge the importance of how fast fashion impacts our envi-ronment. Fast fashion is one of the causes of many immense pressures our environment is facing. To combat this, we can all do our bit by shopping sustainably.

Here, we have put together helpful guidance on how to build your own sustainable ward-robe.

Quality over quantity

There's a reason why people say, "you buy cheap, you buy twice". Quality plays a huge part in the sustainability of our wardrobe. If we opt for low-quality clothing, they are more likely to lose their shape, elasticity, and overall attractive aesthetic at a fast pace. A good way of getting out of this cycle is to buy less often, and when you do buy more clothing, choose something which is higher quality. By doing this you will get more wear out of your clothing and you won't need to replace them as often, or at all.

Here at Sherpa we pride ourselves on our high-quality garments, all of which are sustainably made. Shop our men's sustainable knitwear range.

Build you own wardrobe capsule

A wardrobe capsule is not just a wardrobe; it is everything from the thought process you have around purchasing clothes and what you do when you feel your time with a piece of clothing is over. The reasoning behind wardrobe capsules is to maintain a selection of timeless garments that you can mix and match with each other to create an abundance of outfits without an overwhelming amount of clothing.

Tips for building a sustainable wardrobe:

  • Shop with intent – avoid impulse purchases.
  • Check where your money is going – ensure the clothing is made sustainably.
  • Check the quality and materials to guarantee they will last a long time.

Sustainable clothing

As we've covered, good quality clothing lasts longer and is, therefore, more sustainable. There is a selection of materials and methods of making clothing that are much more environmentally friendly. We make all our clothing using these sustainable methods and materials. Including:

Merino wool

Merino wool is naturally biodegradable, meaning this make a very sustainable material for your wardrobe. It's also very soft and stylish!

See our men's merino wool collection.

See our women's merino wool collection.

Recycled polyester

Purchasing clothing which has been made from recycled polyester dramatically lowers environ-mental impact. It used materials which would have ended up in the ocean or landfill and repurposed them.


Like our sustainable merino wool, hemp is also a biodegradable fibre. Not only this, but the pro-duction of hemp also requires less water than conventional cotton. Resulting in lower carbon emis-sions.

Shop the men's Hemp cloth-ing collection.

Shop the women's Hemp clothing collection.

Tencel and Modal

Another beautiful biodegradable fabric, crafted using an environmentally responsible and self-sufficient pulp to fibre production process, Tencel and Modal fabric is eco-friendly, lightweight and has a long-lasting softness.

Shop the men's Tencel and Modal clothing collection.

Shop the women's Tencel and Modal clothing collection.

Interested in learning more about sustainable fabrics? See our sustainable style.

Our mission

We're committed to helping children in Nepal. See Our Mission for information on how your purchases from Sherpa help build libraries and classrooms, distribute reading materials and help teachers and staff members train.

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