Best Views Across the Cascades

October 10, 2022

Best Views Across the Cascades

The Best Views Across the Cascades

If you are planning a trip across the glorious Cascade Range in Washington, you will want to make sure you see some of these outstanding viewpoints along the way. Here, we will explore some of the best views across the Cascades which are a definite must-see! The following viewpoints include waterfalls, the best places to view Mount Rainier, exquisite creeks, and more.

Mount Rainier Viewpoints

If you're looking for a spectacular view, the highest peak in the Cascades will certainly do it! Mount Rainier is the highest peak and is as beautiful as you can imagine. The best places to view Mount Rainier are in two areas, Paradise and Sunrise. Here are three of the best viewpoints to visit on your travels around the Cascade Range:

Jackson Visitor Center – Paradise

The Jackson Visitor Center is the main visitor centre for the national park and offers some of Mount Rainier's best and easily accessible views. Hikes to popular destinations such as Panorama Point and Myrtle Falls begin here. The famous steps with the John Muir quotation inscription are seen from behind the visitor centre, with Mount Rainier sitting above. A real photo opportunity!

For more information about open hours and directions, visit Rainer Guest Services Jackson Visitor Center.

Myrtle Falls – Paradise

If you started your viewpoint journey at the Jackson Visitor Center, you may want to venture onto the Skyline Trail to view the glorious Mount Rainier even more! This hike leads onto Myrtle Falls, which is a wonderful lookout point for Mount Rainier. Take the trail in a clockwise direction to enjoy the Myrtle Falls view at the end of your hike.

For directions, see the Visit Rainier: Myrtle Falls site.

Burroughs Mountain – Sunrise

This tough trek, which begins at the Sunrise Visitor Center, is one of the best hikes on Mount Rainier for its breathtaking views. This trail takes you along the frozen lake, then to the First Burroughs Mountain. We suggest going all the way to the Second Burroughs Mountain for the best view of Mount Rainier

For Burroughs Mountain trail details, visit National Park Ser-vice.

Blue Lake Viewpoints

A popular trek in the North Cascades is the glorious Blue Lake trail. This is a family-friendly walk with two outstanding viewpoints along the way. These viewpoints are Liberty Bell Mountain and the outstanding Blue Lake itself.

Liberty Bell Mountain

Liberty Bell Mountain can be appreciated along the Blue Lake trail. It has some ambitiously steep climbing walls on display; you may even spot a climber or two. There are also rocky peaks to admire or take a few photos of. The view of Liberty Bell Mountain is a great addition to the trail!

Blue Lake

The Blue Lake itself is an outstanding view. The lake is accessible two miles off Highway 20. At Blue Lake, you will be spoilt by views of mountain peaks, greenery, shiny waters and meadows. To enjoy the lake's excellent view, simply walk the Blue Lake trail. The trail is a superb walk for the whole family with incredible views, taking approximately 2-3 hours to complete and is roughly 5 miles long.

For directions and operational hours, view the USDA Forest Service: Blue Lake Trail site.

Waterfall Viewpoints

The North Cascades National Park offers smaller walks that boast beautiful views of waterfalls. These are ideal for those looking for a less strenuous activity while enjoying the viewpoints across the Cascades.

Gorge Creek Falls

If you are looking for a scenic waterfall view on your trip around the North Cascades National Park, the Gorge Creek Falls trail is the one for you. This short 0.8km walk is a wonderful little trek to be enjoyed by children and adults who want to stretch their legs and enjoy a view of the waterfall.

For directions, visit All Trails: Gorge Creek Falls Trail.

Ladder Creek Falls

Ladder Creek Falls, located below the Gorge Powerhouse in Newhalem, provides a relaxing wooded refuge with views of its stunning waterfall. There is a daily light show that takes place at the creek from dusk till midnight. These lights quickly became a popular tourist attraction after their debut in 2011. However, the lights have not been maintained since 2018.

For directions, see Atlas Obscura: Ladder Creek Falls and Gardens.

Hopefully we have given you plenty of inspiration for the viewpoints you would like to visit on your trip across the Cascade Range. If you are looking for sustainable clothes for your trip, make sure to check the Sherpa Adventure Gear women's clothing and men's clothing today.