Top 5 Outdoor Activities To Do In Maine

April 16, 2023

Top 5 Outdoor Activities To Do In Maine

Top 5 Outdoor Activities To Do In Maine

While Maine may dream up images from a Stephen King novel, it’s actually a state full of natural wonders perfect for the most scenic of outdoor activities. Home to stunning woodland and grasslands, the rich history and heritage of the New England state is present in the very landscape.

This makes Maine a fulfilling destination to satisfy all outdoor enthusiasts, whether they’re hiking Maine’s coastline, biking down country pathways or boating. We’ve created a list of the top 5 activities you can do in Maine to get the best out of your outdoor adventures.

1. Hiking

Often called the Pine Tree State, Maine has a fantastic range of beautiful woodland, rocky coastlines and high mountains to explore, making much of the state perfect for hiking.

Acadia National Park

Being over 47,000 acres, Acadia National Park is an Atlantic recreation area that provides endless hiking opportunities with its varied, scenic landscapes. The Park is renowned for its idyllic woodland areas, rocky coasts, shrub islands and glacier soured granite peaks.

The National Park also includes Cadillac Mountain, which has the highest point on the US East Coast and is a popular destination for hardier mountain hiking and climbing.

Caribou Mountain

For some of the best views up top, hiking Caribou Mountain can be a very fulfilling experience for the outdoor enthusiast. There are two main trails you can take on this 8.5 mile hike. The Caribou Fall Trail is the easier of the two, with some stunning sights like various waterfalls and great views of Lake Superior.

Meanwhile, the Mud Brook trail is a more metal-testing pursuit that takes you over caverns, ravines and rock ledges, with the reward of a full 360 degree view of the surrounding mountain ranges, peaks and valleys.

2. River and coastal activities

With a rich maritime history, Maine unsurprisingly has a lot of water and maritime activities for you to enjoy. This ranges from scenic boat and coastal tours where you can learn more about Maine to kayaking, canoeing, fishing and general boating.

Whitewater rafting is an especially fun activity with the Kennebec and Dead Rivers, full of frothing spin and thrilling rapids.

3. Wildlife, Birdwatching and sightseeing

Maine’s forests and coast areas are teeming with wildlife, the state being well-known for its moose, black bears, and white-tailed deer.

Moose Safari

The Moose Safari takes visitors on a journey through forests and grasslands of Maine in its search of the state’s most iconic animal. Although, that’s not all you’ll find on the Safari, as there will be plenty of Maine’s forest critters to see!

Scarborough Marsh

With more than 3,000 acres, Scarborough Marsh is the largest marsh in Maine, and is located just south of Portland. The marsh is perfect for birdwatching, being home to a number of species like the egrets, glossy ibis and the heron which nest and migrate there.

4. Biking

Enjoy the natural scenery with a nice bike ride through Maine’s heartlands. The Carrabassett Valley Bike Trails offer some wonderful trails that cater to your specific needs. You can take an easy ride around the pond, or do a half-hour loop around the Moose Bog Loop. There’s also more challenging, twisty trails through the woodland or, for the especially determined, bike the 11.5 hut backcountry trail.

Rock Climbing

Well-known for its rocky coasts and terrain, Maine boasts a number of rock climbing and boulder cragging activities you can enjoy.

Camden Hills

Camden Hills State Park has a trail that isn’t just good for hiking, but also rock climbing. The hills have over 140 climbing routes, with a great mix of traditional and sports options. Voluntary Madness is great for climbers who are just starting out. Meanwhile, Ocean Lookout and Rampart Boulders for more challenging climbing routes.

The Shagg Crag

Located in western Maine, the Shagg Crag is a tall, stacked cliff face that’s steep, jagged and has a granite edifice. This, like the name suggests, makes it perfect for boulder cragging and challenging rock climbs, with options for both sports and traditional climbing.

Reach great heights and greater views as you ascend to the top one hold at a time with popular routes like the Shaggin’ Wagon and the Meltdown.