How To Break Up With Fast Fashion

August 10, 2021

How To Break Up With Fast Fashion

Break Up With Fast Fashion For Good

As fast fashion becomes an ever-growing problem for the ecosystem, we need to find ways to break up with fast fashion for good. If you, like many others, don't know where to start to step away from an industry which is damaging the climate around us, this article is for you! Here, we explore what exactly is fast fashion, shocking fast fashion facts, and how we can all make changes towards a more sustainable wardrobe.

What Is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion is a problem in the clothing sector that harms employee welfare, animals, and the environment severely. Fast fashion stems from the idea that clothes shouldn't be repeated. However, this just simply isn’t the case. Clothing should be loved and worn as often as you like!

Fast fashion is characterised as low-cost, 'on-trend' clothes that respond to customer demand by mimicking clothing worn by celebrities and putting them on the high street. Fast fashion garments are primarily made from synthetic materials. Sadly, there is a lot of plastic in these garments which is not biodegradable. These synthetic materials end up in our oceans, causing a great deal of issues for the environment and wildlife.

Fast Fashion Facts

  1. According to Quantis' Measuring Fashion Report, global emissions output is predicted to increase by 49% if nothing is changed in the fast fashion industry.
  2. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) say that: "it takes 2,700 liters of water to produce the amount of cotton needed for a single t-shirt."
  3. According to Fashion Checker, the living wage is not being paid to garment workers by 93% of fast fashion retailers.
  4. Following the Covid-19 pandemic 48% of Millennials and Gen Z aim on purchasing more used clothing, according to The State of Fashion Report by McKinsey.

Throwing away fast fashion items of clothing you own will not help the environment. To be more sustainable, we must discard less. This applies to clothing. If you already own fast fashion clothing, keep them. Or, if you no longer feel the need to wear them, give them to charity, a friend, or sell them on.

How To Break Up With Fast Fashion

Use these tips to break up with fast fashion for good and live your best eco-friendly life…

Borrow and swap clothes with friends

Swapping or borrowing clothes is becoming a popular way of upgrading your wardrobe without having a damaging effect on the environment or your bank balance. Try swapping an item of clothing with a friend once a month. This will give you both the feeling of having new clothes without spending any money or new garments being made in the fast fashion industry.

Take Care Of The Clothes You Already Own

The better you look after your clothing, the longer it will last. Be sure to check all the washing instructions for your clothes. Here are some tips to ensure your clothes last longer and stay in good condition:

  • Wash inside out.
  • Let clothing air dry.
  • Wash less – not every item of clothing necessarily needs to be washed after every use. For example, jeans.
  • Use environmentally friendly detergents.
  • Sort your clothes – separate darks, lights, and colours. This will keep your whites brighter for longer and colours more vibrant!

Shop Sustainably

Get to know the companies you are purchasing from. There are great clothing companies that pride themselves on developing their products sustainably. Do your research and discover who's sustainable and who are a part of the fast fashion industry.

Shopping sustainably includes paying attention to the materials the garments are made of before purchasing. Try opting for clothing which is made from sustainable materials, or if the fabric has previously been recycled. Sustainable materials include hemp, merino wool, Tencel® and Modal, and of course, recycled materials. Here at Sherpa we only use sustainable materials, built to last.

We provide a wide variety of clothing for your outdoor experiences, all of which were specially created with our customers and the environment in mind.

Find Other Uses For Old Clothing

There are plenty of ways you can repurpose old items of clothing you no longer wear, including:

  • Stop using paper towels by transforming old tops, nightwear, or leggings into cleaning rags.
  • If you are particularly handy with a sewing machine, old clothes can make great patchwork for a throw.
  • Another sustainable way of repurposing an old t-shirt is to use fabric scissors and cut them up into medium-sized squares. These can act as great make-up remover pads.

Sherpa Sustainability

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Our Mission

Sherpa is outdoor apparel that has a purpose. By travelling to new places and learning new things, we hope to encourage adventurous lifestyles. Our company is one that contributes back to society. Every item we sell allows Nepalese children to participate in school. Wearing Sherpa Adventure Gear helps a child learn and provides opportunities for future generations. Read more about our mission.