A Small Brand Committed to Making a Big Impact

Our Goal is to provide 10 Million School Days by 2030

Sherpa is adventure gear with a purpose. Our vision is to inspire lives of adventure by exploring new lands and opening minds through learning.

Each product that you purchase provides a donation to Room to Read’s Nepal Education Program. This ‘Day of School’ donation is calculated based on the average daily total of the above costs across Room to Read’s Nepal Education program.

What is a Day of School?

The cost of a day of school consists of four key components, these are:

1. Teacher and staff members training

2. Building Libraries

3. Developing and distributing quality reading materials

4. Building Classrooms

In addition, the Sherpa Adventure Gear brand funds the educational scholarships of nine children in Nepal.

This scholarship scheme is a project that was initiated by Tashi Sherpa and the Sherpa family and has enabled a community of Nepali children from remote villages to benefit from fully funded boarding school education in Kathmandu. These scholarships cover primary and secondary schooling as well as incidental costs such as medical and subsistence.

These scholarships have closed to new admissions since the start of the Room to Read partnership, but the continued costs of the enrolled students are factored into the donation from every product sold to ensure that we continue to provide education to these nine children until they have all completed their secondary schooling.