Delaware: Top 5 Outdoor Activities

September 19, 2023

Delaware: Top 5 Outdoor Activities

Nature enthusiasts and tourists are spoilt for choice when it comes to what Delaware has to offer. Located on the Delmarva peninsula of the US East Coast, Delaware’s unique and varied geography is bursting with natural wonders and nature parks for all your cycling, hiking and sightseeing needs.

It’s no wonder Thomas Jefferson called it the Diamond State. Other nicknames have included ‘Small Wonder’ due to it being the second smallest state behind Rhode Island.

Here at Sherpa Adventure Gear we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 outdoor activities below sure to transcend your outdoors getaway to the ultimate experience!

1. Hiking

When it comes to Delaware hiking trails, there’s a whole host of options to choose from that really showcase Delaware's natural beauty.

Dune Trail

One of things that Delaware is famous for is its beaches and dunes, making walking the Dunes Trail at Cape Henlopen State Park an absolute must for any hiker and nature lover.

With the sounds of the ocean as a calming backdrop, this 2.6 mile loop transports you from desert-like expanses to wooded maritime forests, salt marsh wetlands, and back to open sand dunes. Delaware’s highest sand dune, appropriately-named The Great Dune, sits at 80-feet above the sea. It really gives you out of this world variety for you to see and explore.

Northern Delaware Greenway Trail

If you want an even longer track to test your hiking needs, the Northern Delaware Greenway Trail might just be perfect. Not only does this 10.4 mile hike pass historical estates like Bellevue Hall and Rockwood Mansion, but also connects with some of the best attractions in the area. You can use this trail as a launching pad to really go-all-out with your hike, linking up with Bellevue State Park, Wilmington State Park, Brandywine Creek State Park and Zoo, as well as Rockford Park.

You also get a fantastic view of the blue granite cliff of Alapocas Run!

2. Bike Tracks

There are a number of bicycle trails in Delaware to suit all your biking needs in some stunning environments.

The Gordon Po3nd Trail

The Gordon Pond Trail has an perfectly flat path that’s 6.4 miles long, with excellent views of the pond, colorful flowers and fauna, as well as local animal life.

The Auburn Valley Trail

Alternatively, the Auburn Valley Trail is a paved 1.2 mile loop track running through Delaware's Auburn Valley State Park. The track offers a smooth, wide path for cyclists, perfect for some great round trails.

3. Wildlife and Bird Watching

Delaware is home to a whole host of wildlife, zoos and natural splendor sure to satisfy and amaze any animal lover.

Brandywine Creek State Park

Being over 900 acres, the Brandywine Creek State Park is perfect for those wanting commune with birds and other wildlife. The park also includes Brandywine Zoo, which showcases many mesmerising creatures from around the world. The zoo specialises in North and South American endangered and vulnerable species like the Andean Condor and Golden Lion Tamarins.

For visually impaired visitors, Brandywine also offers a Sensory Trail for those who enjoy being surrounded by the tranquility of nature. Keep an ear out for those songbirds!

4. Delaware Waterway Adventures

Delaware has a deluge of stunning, shimmering rivers, creeks and ponds that bring next-level enjoyment.

Brandywine Creek

Brandywine Creek State Park offers fun outdoor activities like canoeing, kayaking, and tubing for a thrilling adventure on the water. There’s also a number of fishing opportunities, with Delaware being home to a huge variety of fish, from bluegill and striped bass to hardhead catfish, depending on the season.

It’s also an amazing place to set up camp for a weekend getaway.

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Straddling the Pennsylvania and New Jersey border, the Delaware Water Gap provides a stunning view of the Pocono Mountains from across the water. Delaware river gap outdoor activities include fishing and river kayaking, as well as cycling and hiking the pathways running alongside it.

The National Recreation Area also offers fine dining, retail, and the oldest jazz club in the country to enjoy.

5. Coastal Tours and Kayaking

Sick of the land and want to explore the coast and sea around Delaware? Sailing and kayaking along the coast are also popular activities, giving you some amazing, unmissable views on those shimmering waters, especially at dusk with glorious sunsets and views of the moon over the water. There are also water taxis and tours around the cape that explore Delaware’s rich maritime history.

It can get a little cold on the water, so remember to wrap up warm with some cosy midlayers! Being in the outdoors, exploring the world around us and experiencing new cultures first hand is part of the ethos of our Sherpa Adventure Gear brand. We encourage everyone to explore the world and we have clothing designed to perfectly complement your need for adventure. We’d love you to share your adventures with us and where you’ve taken your Sherpa Adventure Gear.