2019 Impact Report

Through steady, meaningful, employment and educational opportunities we hope to build a brighter future.

Creating Jobs in Nepal

Our brand strengthens the fabric of Nepali families, villages, and the country as a whole by providing meaningful employment to the people of Nepal. While many of the young men of Nepal leave the country to send income home, a majority of women and children remain. The income our skilled knitters are able to earn, at home and in small co-ops, provides them with the independence to make valuable choices for their families and communities.

1,228 total jobs created


People employed to make our fall sweaters


People employed to make our apparel styles


People employed to make our hats and accessories


People employed to make our hand-beaded bracelets

Rita Shilpakar

34 years old | Has been making Sherpa products for 4 years

Originally from Tekhacho-16, Bhaktapur, Rita completed her primary education from Bashu, and higher secondary school, Bhaktpur. She is married and is a mother of two children, Proful and Prasun. Her husband is a carpenter by profession. She tells us she loves to knit because it makes her feel empowered and part of a community.

This commitment to the next generation of Nepal allows Sherpa to improve the lives of Nepalis everywhere. For those who have purchased Sherpa Adventure Gear and subsequently donated to the Sherpa Adventure GearFund, "Tho-Chey"

Educating the next generation

Our founder knew from his own experience growing up in Nepal that education is the gateway to opportunity, so he thoughtfully wove it into the mission of Sherpa Adventure Gear. To help the next generation find their way to a brighter future, we provide twelve students from remote mountain villages with educational scholarships.

We support them for the entirety of their education, from elementary school through high school and college, at one of the top schools in Kathmandu - including tuition, food and lodging, extra-curricular activities and uniforms.

For every product we sell worldwide, no matter the value, a donation is made to our Sherpa Adventure Gear Fund to grant educational scholarships for our students.

We're committed to educating these students for their entire education, so we maintain a reserve of funds to cover rising educational costs and any student emergencies that may occur.

The fund provides students with:

Food & Lodging
Uniforms, School Supplies
& Personal Needs

Student Spotlight

Palden Jangmu Sherpa

I am very interested in joining Boxing Club and Taekwondo. I love watching Boxing. I also enjoy singing and even won the first position in the singing competition.


Students Currently Enrolled


School Days Per Student


Meals Paid for by the Fund

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