What to wear hiking

What to wear hiking

Whether you’re exploring the trails on a cool spring day or braving the elements on a winter hiking trip, what to wear hiking is important for your comfort, safety, and enjoyment. Hike in style by choosing the right outfit for you at Sherpa.

How should you dress for a Winter Hike

When it comes to the cold and wind, layers will ensure that you stay warm and comfortable during your winter hike. Make sure you choose a comfortable base layer such as a long sleeve top or a short-sleeved t-shirt. Layering up with either a merino wool sweater gives you that extra warmth needed to shelter you from even the harshest of weather conditions. Then choose a waterproof hard-shell jacket, coat, or parka paired with waterproof trousers for an outer layer that will protect you from the rain.

What should you wear for a summer hike?

In the summer, you can hike in shorts and a t-shirt. However, if you are hiking uphill and sweating a lot, that moisture might chill you when the wind picks up or when the sun goes down. That’s where a good base layer comes in. A synthetic base layer wicks sweat away from your body and then dries quickly, keeping you cooler when it’s hot, warmer when it’s not, and comfortable all day.

Footwear for Hiking

If you’re just starting out hiking, lightweight shoes are better as they’re not adding an extra weight for you to carry. The lightest hiking shoes usually have a low cut and flexible midsoles, which are good for cushioning your foot on an everyday hike, but not the best for very rocky terrain. Paired with thick thermal socks, choosing a pair of hiking boots with grip on the base of the boot, will keep you sturdy on your feet.

If you’re planning a long hike, lightweight shoes will be the best option, especially if you’re carrying a heavy backpack. However, if you are going on a challenging hike, with uneven paths, heavier weight boots will be best for supporting your feet and ankles. Some hiking shoes also have a steel toe to add extra protection.

Different types of Jacket options for Hiking

Our men’s and women’s ethical and sustainable coats and jackets are sure to offer you ultimate comfort and protection whilst being incredibly versatile too. OurMakalu waterproof men’s jacketis designed specifically with travel in mind made with a laminated 3-layer stretch fabric, which will protect you from the harshest of weather conditions. Available in a range of colours, pair this jacket with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to keep you covered and stylish during those summer hikes.

For the colder months, our men’s Kathmandu waterproof parka is a thicker winter coat that is durable for mountain adventures as well as styling for city dressing.

Choosing Sustainably with Sherpa

Our clothing is made sustainably, helping save our planet. Every item brought at Sherpa provides a day of school for children in Nepal, to help educate and create opportunities for future generations. By donating through your purchase, you are helping build libraries, provide teachers and staff training, as well as supply learning materials to the children. Your donations make a difference.

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