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The Ultimate Midlayers Guide

The Ultimate Midlayers Guide

Midlayers are a great way of staying warm while out and about, they are also a cozy option for relaxing in loungewear. Here, we answer all the questions you may have before choosing the right midlayer for your activity.

What is a midlayer?

They are a part of the layering system for clothing. Each layer has its own purpose, a midlayer is worn over the top of the baselayer. Their purpose is to retain body heat. One of the great things about wearing a midlayer is its versatility. Not only are they excellent at keeping you warm, but they are also available in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors.

What activities need a midlayer?

Midlayers can be worn to protect the body from harsher weather and are excellent at retaining body heat. We recommend wearing them for activities such as hiking, skiing, or even relaxing at home. A midlayer fleece under a warm jacket or coat on a hike is a brilliant way of being able to control your temperature. They are easy to zip off if you are overheating and lightweight enough to easily tie around your waist or put in a bag while you conquer a mountain or enjoy a stroll through the park. The Lumbrini Full Zip Jacket is a great option for a winter walk.

However, ultimately, you can and should wear a cozy midlayer whenever you want!

What are the best materials for midlayers?

We create high quality adventure clothing in only the best, sustainable fabrics.

The best materials for midlayers are:

  • Merino Wool
  • 100% Recycled Polyester
  • Tencel & Modal

To learn more about the fabrics we use, visit our sustainability page.

Benefits of wearing a midlayer

As you can probably tell, we are fans of a warm layer. Midlayers have lots of benefits, including:

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Insulating
  • Depending on the material, a lot are moisture-wicking

  • Stylish

Are midlayers waterproof?

No, most are not waterproof. This is because they are designed to sit under a coat or a jacket. See our range of men's jackets and women's jackets for something to protect from yourself from the rain!

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