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The Merino Wool Fabric Guide

The Merino Wool Fabric Guide

Merino wool is an amazing fabric. It is 100% natural and has an abundance of benefits. Here, we will explore the properties of merino wool, its advantages, when to wear merino wool, and everything in between!

What is Merino Wool?

Merino wool is a 100% natural wool grown from merino sheep. It is the perfect all-year-round fabric due to its moisture-wicking properties and temperature regulating technology.

It is a popular choice for the avid hiker, traveller, or comfort seeker! Perfect for layering, this quality fabric makes an excellent layer for any adventure.

How is Merino Wool Made?

Merino wool is made in a sustainable process, merino sheep grow one of the world's softest fibres, therefore it makes the softest garments! Every year, merino sheep produce more and more wool – well looked after and carefully developed into the high-quality clothing we know and love.

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Benefits of Merino Wool

Merino wool comes with an abundance of benefits. Here, we discuss what makes this natural wool so special.


Because merino wool is biodegradable, it is the perfect sustainable option for your wardrobe. Once it has been put into the ground, this wool will disappear in roughly 12 months – no carbon footprint!


Due to the organic presence of lanolin and keratin found in merino wool, it has stain and water-resistant technology. This is great while on the move because it requires little maintenance.


One of merino wool's most enticing properties must be its moisture-wicking technology! This high-quality wool naturally pulls moisture (sweat, mostly!) away from the skin. This results in the merino wool absorbing the moisture, then allowing it to evaporate. Keeping you dry.

Anti-bacterial Properties

A lot like merino wool's moisture-wicking technology, it also absorbs bacteria. This is great for any adventurer because it fights bad odours and bacteria. Because of these anti-bacterial properties, if you're out hiking a mountain, camping, or enjoying a weekend lounging in front of a fire, you won't need to pack as much.

Is Merino Wool Itchy?

Put simply, no! Merino wool's soft touch is hard to beat. It is a great fabric for those with skin issues like eczema, or those with sensitive skin because it is extremely breathable and gentle wool.

Tips on How to Care for Merino Wool


    Wash garment inside out Dry on a flat surface Some merino garments require hand washing (but not all, so check the label)


    Wring out the garment, this will cause the garment to lose its shape Dry clean Use fabric softeners

Most merino wool is low maintenance. It's important to always check the label for washing instructions.

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