Easy Meals To Make When Camping

May 17, 2023

Easy Meals To Make When Camping

Many people can easily plan out what activities they’ll be doing and which natural wonders they’ll be viewing while on a camping trip to a tee, but food can become a little tricky. For especially long camping trips, the idea of having cereal bars, ham sandwiches and barbecued meats everyday quickly starts to lose its appeal.

Without a kitchen, it can feel like you’re limited when it comes to what you can make in the time that you have when camping. Thankfully, the Sherpa team knows all about the outdoors, from what clothing to wear to what makes an easy, tasty meal. For food that is never chore and always keeps you satisfied and energised while out camping, look below!

Quick and Tasty Breakfast Meals

It’s always important to stock up on fuel before you begin your day packed full of activities. The right breakfast gives you the nutrients and energy you need so you can bring a fun day to completion without flagging early and trudging behind the group on your camping adventures.

Banana bread, French toast and croissants with berry topping

For a light, healthy breakfast that only takes a second, croissants and berries are always an excellent choice. The great thing about croissants and bread in general is that they can be easily warmed up on the stove. Meanwhile, berries and preserves keep well in an ice block or the fridge if the campsite or your campervan has one.

Camping Pancakes

Pancakes are a yes for us any day of the week, especially for camping. The great thing about pancakes is that they don’t need any refrigeration and can easily be cooked on the griddle, in a pan on the camping stove or via the campfire. Using plant-based milk substitutes like almond milk, which tend to have a longer life, coupled with ingredients like vinegar and flour or oats, you can make the ultimate pancakes to brighten up your morning from the first bite.

Top with berries and maple syrup to your heart's content.

Oats with dried fruit

Sometimes when you’ve got a busy day ahead of you jam-packed with activities, it might be best to keep things simple with a bowl of hearty oat with dried fruit topping. If you don’t have a fridge on-site, bringing dairy milk can be tricky even if you have a cooler, so longer lasting, plant-based milk is often best.

Lunch or on-the-go snacks

When it comes to the next meal of the day, you’ll need to replenish your energy with a filling lunch. While out on the go, you might also need nutrient-rich snacks to keep the fires burning for your long walks and explorations.

Sandwiches and flatbread

Sandwiches and flatbread are always a reliable go-to for a quick lunch, going great with honey, jam, marmalade and chocolate spread are all easy to keep and preserve. More perishable fillings and toppings like meat, cheese and egg are more difficult, ideally needing your campsite or campervan to have a fridge.

There’s also, of course, corned beef. Every camping aficionado’s go-to.

Granola crusted nut snacks

Granola and nuts are a huge source of protein, making for a great snack when on-the-go. You can have them raw or crush them together into balls with a touch of sugar for nutrient-packed snacks that are easy to carry about and give you that much needed boost.

Roasted Chickpeas

Alternatively, for those allergic to nuts, roasted chickpeas make for a fantastic snack. With use of canned chickpeas, olive oil and seasoning and spice, you can roast these little critters over a campfire for the ultimate crispy, crunchy snack. Add veg like onions, herbs and spinach to fill it out into a delicious lunch.

Delicious Campsite Dinners

After a full day of activities, you need a reward. As the hours of the day close in, delicious campsite dinners are the perfect way to end the day as you relax and have fun with your friends and family.

Chilli Hot Pot

Nothing more satisfying than sitting around a pot of chilli on a campfire and giving it a stir, well, except eating it. With a couple cans of hearty kidney beans, some salsa, and spicy seasoning, this easy to make dish requires no fridge and makes for a great, hot dinner sure to warm up after a day out in the cold.

However, if you’re really craving meat and want to make it a Chili con carne, it’s best to cook all the meat you’re going to take with you before you go camping. This will kill bacteria and help preserve it for longer in the cooler or fridge.

Campfire Fajitas

Perfect as both a regular and vegan option, nothing beats campfire fajitas. Just bring some tortillas, peppers and onions, and fajita seasoning, as well as canned black beans for that extra protein. Add a bit of hot sauce or some salsa, and you’re good to go!

Vegetable Stew

A bubbling pot of tasty stew is a staple of sitting around the fire, having a good time with friends and family. The great thing about vegetables like potatoes, garlic, carrots and onions is that they don’t perish as easily as other food, making them ideal for the outdoors. Mix the vegetables together in a boiling pot and add seasoning for a rainbow of deliciousness that keeps you warm as the night draws in.