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Ethical Skirts

Our variety of women's skirts are all sustainable and eco-friendly, you get women's skirts with beautiful Nepali design and style all while protecting the planet with ethical materials. These women's ethical skirts also boast practicality, ensuring maximum comfort and movement, making them great for hikes and cycling as well as summer fun. Have the best of both worlds with our Sherpa Adventure Gear skirts, with expert design and unique style.

Organic Skirts

Our skirts like our beautiful Padma and Tharu Skirt options feature eye-catching colour all while being from sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and Modal®. Organic cotton is fantastic material, being breathable and stronger than conventional cotton all while using less water in its production process.  As well as this, our cotton skirts are breathable and lightweight, ideal to take on adventures. Modal is a sustainable fibre extracted from beechwood trees carefully chosen under Forest Stewardship Council certified companies in Europe. This creates a eco-friendly fabric is kind to skin, while being durable and moisture wicking to deal with adventure, exertion and sweat. Modal has won the European Award for the Environment for low emissions, with up to 99 percent of solvents being recycled.


Our selection of sustainable skirts are also PFC free. This means they do not contain harmful chemicals that are often seen in other outdoor clothing, yet they will still offer you the exceptional, high performance you need for your everyday and outdoor pursuits. You can rest easy knowing our women’s skirts are kind to the planet we love to explore.


Our Sherpa Adventure Gear women's skirts are available in a range of beautiful colours and designs inspired by the Himalayas and rich history of Nepal. Opt for neutral shades to take on your travels as these can easily be paired with any tops or t-shirts. Or, for something bolder to brighten up the hiking track or a summer day out in town, browse our range of vibrantly patterned skirts to give ultimate practicality with a premium look.

The Sherpa Mission

At Sherpa Adventure Gear, we provide excellent quality clothing that keeps you with you and your day all while helping the planet, giving you comfort, durability and beautiful Nepali and Himalayan inspired designs all while helping the planet. Protect the wonders of the Earth we all love to explore with sustainable clothing perfect for challenging hikes and cycling, as well as relaxing on a sunny day. And, every time you purchase a Sherpa product, you also help fund a day of school for Nepali children, providing a bright future for the next generation. If you’d like to find out more about our goals and what we do, visit our mission page.