Ethical Women's Knitwear

Women’s knitwear offers a cosy and stylish way to stay warm during those colder ...

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What materials do women's knitwear come in?

Typically women’s knitwear is made from standard wool. However, here at Sherpa, the majority of our knitwear is made from premium merino wool and high-quality yarns. These impressive materials are delicately woven into the knitwear, along with other warming fabrics such as alpaca wool. These combine to produce lasting comfort to support you during those chillier adventures.

Is women's knitwear sustainable?

Yes, our women’s knitwear collection is a sustainable clothing option if you’re looking to explore and ramble without concerns for the well-being of animals and the planet. Our materials are ethically sourced and eco-friendly, and we have items made from recycled polyester, hemp, and merino wool. You can be sure to find a sustainable item within this knitwear collection that you’ll absolutely love.

What different types of knitwear are available?

In our women’s knitwear collection, you’ll be able to find a range of style and designs to suit your tastes. We have options ranging from chunky cable knitwear to more lightweight builds. All designed to keep you warm, dry, and comfy when you’re out and about. Many items from our knitwear collection take inspiration from traditional climbing clothing. Take the Dumji Crew – its design was based off the first jumper used to climb Everest!

There are many more just like this one to be found in the above collection. Have a browse and see what takes your fancy.

How to style women's knitwear

Due to the versatility and comfort of our knitwear, you can style it for a range of different situations. Whether you’re looking for your next adventure or simply after something comfy to wear next to an open fire, our knitwear has it covered.