A year in review

A year in review

As we reflect back on 2017, we see the many bright moments of our Sherpa family, and our hearts are full knowing the opportunity that has been brought into the lives of others. With a new year on the horizon, we look back at the past year’s achievements with fond recollection and hopes for more to come. 


Hishi Doma Sherpa, a gifted member of our Sherpa Adventure Gear Fund, graduated college in Kathmandu with a Bachelor’s degree; a first for any student in the program. Her aspirations to become a nurse are the kind of dreams that encourage and inspire us to support Nepal’s youth.


Our Sherpa Athletes, Dawa Yangzum and Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, courageously attempted the first all-female summit of the world’s third highest mountain, Kangchenjunga. While unexpectedly snowy conditions kept them from the final push to the top, more importantly, they returned safely home. Making the decision to turn around is never an easy one, but the mountain will always be there.


With our Come Home to the Himalayas contest, we guided two lucky winners through our homeland of Nepal, offering us the chance to share more of this beautiful, awe-inspiring country with the world. Exposing them to our country’s rich culture and breathtaking mountainscapes fueled our passion even more for sharing our roots and traditions.


In November, we opened our U.S. flagship store in Seattle, Washington. By bringing this piece of the Himalayas closer to home, we continue to share our vision and story.


And perhaps most importantly, throughout the year, we have continued our mission to bring meaningful employment and much-needed education to communities of Nepal. In 2017, we employed 914 individuals. What started as a seemingly small idea to employ women knitters in local Himalayan villages has grown into a greater commitment; to lift up and empower the people of our homeland, one garment at a time.


Support of the next generation has remained a constant for our small brand. Donations from every garment we sell have resulted in 10 Nepali children currently receiving educational scholarships through our Sherpa Adventure Gear Fund. The program is close to our hearts, and we continue to believe in the benefits of empowerment through quality education. Each year we come to know these children a bit better, and to watch them grow and learn has been an amazing gift.


By supporting and wearing Sherpa Adventure Gear, you have made possible all of these incredible accomplishments. We thank you for being part of the journey, and for enabling these beautiful stories to be told. In 2018, we aim to climb higher, help each other on the way up and continue doing business in the inimitable way of the Sherpas; through hard work, perseverance and vision.


  • Ro Soans

    Awesome work! Will continue to buy your great gear! Im glad this year went so well, good luck in 2018. Thanks again.

  • Ro Soans

    Awesome work! Will continue to buy your great gear! Im glad this year went so well, good luck in 2018. Thanks again.

  • Richard Marston

    Congratulations on your company’s achievements so far. I am a new customer but pledge to remain a loyal supporter because of your support of the Sherpa.

  • Bernie Quinn

    I recently purchased several items of Sherpa Adventure Gear, the quality is excellent and supporting the Sherpa people is a their quest for knowledge and a good education is a worthwhile opportunity afforded me. Thank You Sherpa!

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