Why Patterns Are Important To Us

May 20, 2023

Why Patterns Are Important To Us

At Sherpa, we always have a fantastic variety of vibrant colours and patterns to choose from for our high-quality, ethical products. All our colours and patterns take inspiration from the incredibly rich history and heritage of Nepal and the Himalayas, breathing life into our garments and making them wholly unique to our premium clothing line.

Why do we focus on Nepali and Himalayan patterns?

Our patterns not only bring the rich histories of Nepal and the Himalayas to the forefront of style in practical clothing, but also pay tribute to those histories and the philosophies behind them.

At Sherpa, we believe in good karma. Many of our missions, including the funding of education for children in Nepal and ethically-sourced, eco-friendly materials are steeped in the cultural community and beliefs of the Himalayas, and this wholly reflects in all our clothing as well.

Our Pattern Selection

We have a great variety of patterns and colours to suit all your style needs and everyday ventures at Sherpa. Here are some of our standouts below.


Our breathable Tarcho tops feature patterns inspired by Tibetan prayer flags, colourful rectangular cloth often strung up on mountain trails in the Himalayas. The traditional Tibetan belief is that the wind will blow the prayers and mantras across the land, spreading good will, peace and compassion in their wake.

This is one of our favourite patterns because it truly touches us as a brand that says a prayer for your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet.


Our Tharu pattern option relates to the ethnic group of the same name, who are indigenous to the Terai region in Southern Nepal and Northern India. The Tharu people are famous for their intricate, rich patterns that inspire our Tharu Voyage Super Soft clothing line designs.


Kira is the national dress of Nepal, and is a garment renowned for its vibrant colours and intricate weaves and patterns. We’ve leveraged this traditional design to create a unique style of clothing that is very eye-catching and really speaks to the rich history of the area.


Our Sajilo designs have cloud patterns illustrated in the artistry of Nepali and Himalayan tapestries and paintings from ancient times, bringing a light, easy elegance to the design. For this very reason, the name of the pattern design means ‘Easy’ in Nepalese.

Padma ‘Lotus’ patterns

Padma means ‘Lotus’ in Hindi, and relates to our elegant lotus flower and leaf design garments and dresses. Lotus flowers have a deep meaning in Nepalese and Himalayan culture, being closely related to the Kathmandu valley, with the flower representing enlightenment, purity, beauty and rebirth.

Nepalese Dumji Jacquard

Our Dumji patterns have a unique, contrasting Nepalese Jacquard pattern expertly woven into the fabric. The name ‘Dumji’ comes from the Sherpa festival held in the Khumbu region during May or June time every year that commemorates the anniversary of Guru Rinpoche's birth on the lotus flower, with the pattern reflecting a similarly elegant image.

Bhutanese Jacquard

We have a wide selection of Bhutan inspired patterns with colourful and striking jacquards, inspired by Bhutanese artistry and tapestries. These patterns make for intricately-designed, modern garments like no other, and range from highly colourful and all-encompassing to more subtle but still eye-popping detail like our Maya variants.

Vibrantly Patterned Clothing

We utilise all these authentic, refreshing patterns to bring out the best in our clothing, making breathable, eye-catching and high-quality attire that is never dull and never forgets its roots.

Here are some of our clothing categories and available patterns below.

Our Patterned Tops and Shirts

We have a huge selection of Himalayan-inspired, breathable men and women’s tops and shirts that offer perfect style and tranquillity, perfect for our fun and balanced Tarcho, Tharu and Kira pattern options, among many others.

Patterned Dresses

We have a deluge of colourful, patterned women’s dresses that make you stand out while being beautifully practical with a strong, robust weave. Be the life of the party with intricate, stylish Tharu dresses, or elegant and soft with our Kira and Padma designs, a fun take on tradition.

Patterned Knitwear

Our patterned men and women’s knitwear keeps you warm and looking fabulous. Not only is all our knitwear ethically sourced, but features designs that pay tribute to the history of the Himalayas, its ethnic groups and mountain explorers. This makes our premium Dumji jumper options a real stand out within our knitwear.

Patterned Fleece

Our cosy men and women’s midlayer fleece not only keeps you warm, but keeps you looking stylish and dynamic with our beautiful Himalayan patterns. The high-quality and smooth surface of the ethical anti-pill fleece makes it the perfect backdrop for the eye-popping colours of our Bhutanese-inspired jacquard designs.

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