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Explore Nepal Spur Your Senses and Unearth Inspiration

Words by Team Sherpa

January 19, 2019

Explore Nepal Spur Your Senses and Unearth Inspiration
We are endlessly inspired by Nepal, the home country of our founder. Rich in cultural and religious heritage, arts and architecture and unending snow-capped mountaintops, it would take more than a lifetime to unearth the secrets of this small yet diverse country. We’ve compiled expert travel tips, favorite foods and lesser-known treks to help guide your next great adventure to this Himalayan nation.
Culture: Discover Nepal’s Past and Present
Boudhanath Stupa
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this stupa is one of the largest and most unique in the world. Some claim that the site is as old as 464 C.E. One of the more popular tourist sites, a visit here is worth the crowds and modest entrance fee.

Patan Museum
Located in Patan’s Durbar Square and housed in an old palace, the museum is home to many sacred artifacts of traditional bronze and gilt copper. Enjoy a nice courtyard lunch after perusing the palace.

Syambunath Temple
Visit this Temple for great views of the valley, but keep your food and water in your pack, away from the monkeys who will happily snag them out of your hands.
Food & Drink: Eat Your Way Through Nepal
We could go on for days about Nepali cuisine, but here’s a few of our favorites to get you started. Don’t forget to eat using your right hand or utensils only as the left hand is considered unclean. However, don’t be afraid to slurp your food!

For local Nepali Thaali, look no further than Thukche Thakali Kitchen when in Kathmandu. Thaali refers to a platter of different dishes enjoyed together. The chicken and vegetable Thaali are the perfect fuel for a long day of exploring.

No trip to Nepal is complete without a daily dose of momos, a vegetable or chicken filled dumpling popular in Nepal and nearby countries. If you’re short on time, we love the fast-casual restaurant Dalle for these tasty treats. It’s a favorite for locals and has several locations.

Nepali Chiya is a milk-based spiced tea frequently consumed by locals, regardless of status. The tea is commonly spiced with cardamom, cloves, ginger, and black pepper.
Excursions: Trek and Explore to Your Heart’s Content
Whether you’re an avid trekker seeking high altitude or want to take it slow while taking in the sights, there’s an excursion in Nepal — or several — for every type of adventure seeker.

Hike up to 2300m with this day hike about an hour outside Kathmandu. Take time to enjoy the pine forest away from the bustle of the city. Once you reach the summit, you’ll enjoy a vast view of the Himalayan range, including Langtang and Annapurna mountains, and the Buddhist stupa, which many locals visit to make an offering during a full moon.

If a multi-week trek to base camp isn’t for you, take in the sights from the air and the ground with a half day excursion from Kathmandu. You’ll fly over and near the impressive Himalayan range before stopping briefly at Everest Base Camp (you can’t spend much time at 18,000 feet without acclimatizing first) before you fly to a lower elevation for your breakfast with a view.
Travel Tips: Stay Savvy
Ultimately, it depends where you plan to travel once in Nepal as the climate varies greatly from a tropical to arctic climate. You can find the best weather in Nepal October - November and March-May during the dry season. The summer months or monsoon season tends to bring rain and storms nearly every day. However, if you plan to visit the mountains, March - April and September - November, will be your best bet.

Insider Tip: You’ll need a valid passport and tourist visa to explore Nepal. Before landing in Nepal, fill out your customs (provided on the plane) and arrival visa (print this out ahead of time and bring with you) forms. When the plane lands, politely and quickly make your way to the customs counter before the line grows. Pay for your visa at the bank counter, then bring your receipt to the visa line. Next, pick up your luggage at baggage claim and have your bag tags ready as you’ll likely need to verify your bags match your tags before leaving.

There’s so much to take in while exploring a Nepali market. Enjoy browsing the tea, singing bowls, handcrafted masks, Pashmina cashmere and brass during your trip. If shopping, keep in mind that haggling is expected at Nepali markets.

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