The Cascade Range

The Cascade Range

The Definitive Guide to The Cascade Range

The Cascade Range is a mountain range that runs for 700 miles from North California to British Columbia in Canada with several peaks reaching over 3,000 metres caused by the collision of two tectonic plates. This mountain range is less well-known than other U.S. ranges such as the Rockies or the Appalachians but is equally as fascinating.

The Cascade Range is America's land of fire and ice. From the snow-capped peaks of its giants including Mount Rainier at 4,392m to volatile volcanoes such as Mount St. Helens, it is as diverse as it is beautiful. Being more below the radar, The Cascade Range remains largely underexplored.

This article offers a comprehensive guide on The Cascades including its geography, such as how it was formed, its history, such as its early exploration, how we can explore it today such as its best hiking trails and some of the amazing flora and fauna on offer.